Red Dye 40 in Our Foods :

Red Dye 40 found it's way into so much Red 40of our food because we like the color. Silly isn't it. We used to have to deal with Red #2 but ingesting it for decades we realized it turned out to be carcinogenic. So the food and beverage companies replaced it with a "safer" alternative Red Dye 40.

And not just children's foods. Now, store-bought grenadine is nothing more than Red Dye 40, corn syrup and other allegedly 'natural' flavors.

Foods That Contain Red Dye 40

Some household names with Red Dye 40:
Gummie Bears
Gummie Worms
Sunny D Drinks
Nesquick Strawberry Milk
Kellogs Strawberry Pop Tarts
Maraschino Cherries (what a surprise!)
Yoplait Yogurt
Snack Pack Strawberry Jello
Lucky Charms
Lipton Instant Ice Tea - Natural Lemon Flavor
MY T Fine Chocolate Pudding (go figure!)

Have a look at conventional "cotton candy". It's made from the following:

Refined white sugar (with all the nutrients that nature provides in sugar removed); synthetic flavors created in a laboratory to simulate a 'tastes like' the real thing, and artificially produced Food, Drug and Cosmetic (FD&C) controlled colors (some of which have been banned in cosmetics!)

Ingredients: Refined White Sugar, Artificial Flavors and Artificial Colors (see FD&C colors below, do your own investigations and draw your own conclusions)

Blue Blue Dye#1 (E133)
Pink  Red Dye #40 (E129)
Grape Red Dye #3 (E127) + Blue Dye#1 (E133)
Orange Red Dye #40 (E129) + Yellow Dye #6 (E110)
Banana Yellow Dye #5 (E102)
Watermelon Blue #1 (E133) + Red #3 (E127) + Yellow #6 (E110)
Cherry Red Dye #8 (E127)
Green Apple   Yellow Dye #5 (E102) + Blue Dye#1 (E133)
Lime   Blue #1 (E133) Yellow #5 (E102) + Green #3

Now doesn't that just sound yummy!




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