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We are a family run informational website. After our friends child exhibited reactions to foods and drinks containing RED DYE 40 and as a result of doing some checking, asking questions, and a few hours of research, we found this happens to many children and adults too! We felt the need to do more research and provide information that may help others deal with reactions to RED DYE 40 as well as other chemical additives in our foods. We are NOT doctors just concerned parents like you.

Here's a story we found on the web about a concerned parent and their child's behavior after eating food with Red Dye 40.

"...Several weeks ago, my four-year-old grandson began acting strangely -- irritable, having tantrums, belligerent with playmates -- quite unlike his usual playful, happy self.
There were no environmental precipitants that we could identify.
His parents are together; his mother stays home to care for the children; he had suffered no traumas, such as illness, injury or death in the family.

Nothing had changed, or so we thought.

Then one afternoon, shortly after eating a fruit roll-up, he developed hives and facial swelling. Clearly, he was allergic to something in this snack food, so we discussed possibilities with the doctor.

The doctor had read about isolated cases of allergies to food additives and dyes, so we checked labels on other foods he had been eating recently and discovered a common ingredient: Red-40, a food dye present in many foods, drinks and even some children's vitamins.

Ever since my grandson's parents eliminated all foods containing Red-40 from his diet, he has been totally fine. No more tantrums, belligerence or irritability at the levels we had been seeing before (every four-year-old gets ornery once in awhile). No more allergic reactions so far either...."

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